Fixed Design USA

In web designing fixed design uses a unit of measurement that does not depend on any other factor such as size of font or dimensions of the browser window, for determining width of any of the web page. It can be understood as appearance of website with a constant size no matter what the size of browser window is or which sort of font is selected for a particular page. Basically in fixed designing of websites the width of website is bound to a certain number of pixels and mostly the measure selected for this is 960 pixels due to the fact that with the passing of time; developers have found 960 pixels as best size for grid layouts because this number is conveniently divisible by 3/4/5/6/8/10/12 or 15. Fixed web designing is the most commonly used designs in the web as it efficiently provides a sense of stability and control through the rigidity of its layouts. Basically if one is aware of the width of their website across all browsers and devices then they can easily create graphics of website with absolute precision and complete control.

Web’s Zone have the experts who are greatly experienced in fixed web design and hence with us it is guaranteed that you will get most precise and effective design for your website. With the fixed-width website it is important to keep in mind that every aspect of website’s work has to be usable and clearly visible to large number of screens, devices and browsers as there are wide varieties of devices are available in market at this time with variability of screen sizes. Here comes the expertise of Web’s Zone as we make one-size-fits-all content quite efficiently and hence our precision in doing so; stand us tall in the market against our competitors. Precision is greatly important with fixed web designs as a fixed width website can go wrong if screen are smaller than 960 pixels as your site will not be properly displayed and appearance of horizontal scrollbar will look awkward. Unattractive appearance can also occur if screen size is greater than 960 pixels.

Therefore Web’s Zone includes absolute accuracy in its fixed web designing and we have successful track records of designing fixed websites for our clients spread all around the globe.

Advantages of Fixed Web Designing:

  • Fixed-width designs are much easier to use and customize.
  • Widths of fixed web design are same for every browser and because of that there will be less hassle with images, videos, forms, or other contents.
  • With Fixed design there will be no any need for min-width or max-width that is already not supported by every browser.
  • Even with the smallest screen resolution contents will still be wide enough at a larger resolution that’ll make them legible.