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Why is SEO essential

SEO is a useful tool that is important for affecting the visibility of a web page or website in a search engine. In simple words, SEO is a tool that can help in driving the relevant traffic and results in final revenue or profit for the business. Many people would search for things every day and the traffic is important and especially the high intent traffic for business growth.
It enhances the visibility of the ads and if a person types certain keywords, the related page can be opened. This way a person can make sure that the page that has to be opened number times is available as a top priority. This is gaining importance because various people are searching for things that are related to a particular business. Thus if your page contains the required keywords, it can connect with the people by providing more opportunities for connecting with them. In this way, most of the problems of traffic are reduced and a particular site can be a trusted resource for them.
As everybody knows, Google is the most widely used search engine traffic in the world. Moreover, it is the dominant player in the search results and helps in showing the website that you intend to show up in. In reality, it is not related to the search engine, and Google pioneers the search engines because it updates various things and this is one the cheapest way for getting the pages in the top rank of the search results.
The sites that are linked mainly are the trusted websites that are frequently visited rather than a new website. Various elements are being considered with respect to the Google algorithms for determining the status of the website and the ranking of the site. There are various ranking factors that Google algorithm considers with respect to searches that are updated and refined frequently.
This way an understanding can be created as to how people are getting engaged to the site. The information on the site especially the keywords play a major role to help in finding the information they need and help them to stay on the site. If this does not happen, the user can bounce back to another link and the site may be in a loss of traffic. SEO is, therefore, an essential tool in increasing the traffic to the website and helps in speeding up the mobile-friendliness.

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